Is Your Marriage Experiencing Stress and Strain?

Do you want to bring joy, honesty and passion back into your relationship? 

Your Relationship Can get Better with the Help of a Couples Therapist...

If you are like most of my clients things are probably close to a breaking point if you are currently seeking a marriage counselor. Most couples wait much too long until they seek out a marriage therapist. They put off seeking help thinking -and hoping- things will "get better." For some couples, it does get better.

I don't think I have to tell you what happens to many other couples...

That's right, their relationship gradually gets worse over time as they keep hoping that things will change. Meanwhile the friction increases, the distance grows. Frustration, anger, resentment, and even a sense of hopelessness sets in.

Common Problems Couples Bring to Marriage Therapy:
       bullet   Frequent disagreements that never get solved.

       bullet   Conflict over parenting styles.

       bullet   Stress due to differing values around money.

       bullet   Lack of physical and sexual intimacy.

       bullet   Not feeling listened to, cared for or appreciated.

       bullet   Feeling distant or estranged from one another.

       bullet   One partner has had a physical and/or an emotional affair.

While many of the problems listed above also occur in healthy relationships, the difference is that couples in happy marriages are able to resolve their differences in respectful ways that honor both partners' needs and desires. They also work at nurturing the friendship that is at the heart of any marriage. They give each other the benefit of the doubt and express their appreciation both in big and small ways everyday.

Regardless of what your problems are, your relationship can get better. Once you discover how successful couples navigate their challenges, you too can have the kind of relationship that you want.

Benefits of Couples Therapy:
       bullet   Feel appreciated, listened to and cared for.

       bullet   Resolve differences and cope better with life stressors (e.g. household chores, money, children,
            in-laws, sex, work/life balance).

       bullet   Express more affection for one another and improve your sex life.

       bullet   Spend more time together enjoying each other's company.

       bullet   Recover from an affair and prevent a betrayal from occurring in the future.

       bullet   Reconnect to the love and passion of your earlier relationship.

It may seem hard to imagine, but it is possible to have a better relationship—if you want it. Couples worldwide have brought their relationships back from the brink of divorce with the help of a marriage therapist.

Why Choose Me As Your Couples Therapist?
Not only do I have 30 years experience as a therapist helping individuals, couples and parents solve their problems, I have 30 years of personal experience in my own marriage learning what makes relationships work. The ups and downs of my marriage has broadened my knowledge of what makes for a successful relationship.

If you're ready to get started, I would be delighted to help you develop the kind of relationship that you want.
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Patti Sayre is a therapist for individuals, couples therapist and parent counselor who practices in Manhattan, New York.