Individual Counseling
I work with individuals of all age groups. The areas that I focus on are:

bullet   Anxiety (e.g. feeling worried or afraid something unpleasant will happen, having panic attacks, etc).

bullet   Depression (e.g. having trouble getting motivated, sleeping or eating too much or too little, feeling down and
     lacking in energy).

bullet   Relationship Issues  (e.g. overcoming unhealthy patterns, resolving grief & building communication skills).

bullet   Life Transitions (e.g. loss, divorce, new job, retirement, etc).

bullet   Stress Management (e.g. balancing life and work, learning how to relax).

bullet   Eating Disorders (e.g. anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating).

bullet   Personal Growth and Development (e.g. feeling stronger, more confident and feeling more fulfilled).

Couples / Marriage Counseling
I offer counseling to 3 types of couples: couples in distress, couples about to get married, and couples involved in an interfaith relationship.

bullet   Couples in Distress:
      If you are having difficulty in your relationship, couples therapy can help you resolve your problems and
      improve your relationship. Couples counseling can help you break repetitive and unproductive patterns of
      interaction. You can discover practical tools to bring honesty, passion and joy back into your relationship.

bullet   Pre-Marital Couples:
      Pre-marital counseling can help you explore the ingredients that cultivate a thriving relationship. It is an
      insurance policy for your future. Share, enrich and develop practical and effective strategies for creating the
      strong foundation for a lifetime together.

bullet   Interfaith Couples:
      Contrary to what the movies tell us, love can't conquer all. Couples considering or involved in an interfaith
      marriage have challenging issues to deal with. Couples counseling can help you focus on the realities, joys
      and struggles of intermarriage. You can explore your personal problems in addition to the complexities of
      raising children, family relationships, and traditions.

Understand the effect that personal histories and personality styles have on your relationship; learn communication and conflict resolution techniques; talk about intimacy, parents, in-laws, money management and family planning. Discover how to create a marriage that will last a lifetime.

Parenting: Counseling, Coaching and Consulting
I work with parents in a variety of ways, tailored to your individual needs. I am passionate about providing parents with the opportunity for personal development and support and offer many parenting support and educational groups.

bullet   Parent Counseling or Coaching:
      I offer ongoing counseling or coaching sessions to help you to become the parent that you want to be.
      Understanding yourself in a deeper way can help you build a more effective and enjoyable relationship with
      your children. You will feel more confident and in control as a parent.

bullet   Parent Consultations:
      Raising children is an incredibly challenging task. Parent consultations are ideal if you want to check in
      during periods of growth or struggle. A consultation can alleviate your worries and get you and your child
      back on track.
      I offer practical and insightful help with issues such as:

          bullet   Discipline

          bullet   Toilet training

          bullet   Sleep patterns

          bullet   Developmental Milestones

          bullet   Peer Relationships

          bullet   Independence

          bullet   Educational Planning

bullet   Parenting Groups:
      I have seen, time and again, that parents thrive when they have the support, wisdom and compassion of
      other parents. Parenting groups help build a sense of community and connection as well as offer guidance
      and support as your child grows. Several times a year, I offer parental support groups focusing on a variety
      of topics. Contact me to find out when the next group starts.

bullet   Parenting Workshops:
      I provide presentations and workshops on a wide range of parenting topics. For example, my workshop
      based on The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: How to raise self-reliant children is a favorite.  

Past schools and organizations where I have presented include: Sutton Place Synagogue, Horace Mann School, Temple Emmanuel, Central Synagogue, Temple Israel, 92nd Street Y, National Council of Jewish Women, JCC of Manhattan. Please contact me if you are interested in having me speak to your organization.

To find out more about how I provide individual counseling, couples counseling or parent counseling, coaching and consultations, click here.

Patti Sayre is a therapist for individuals, couples therapist and parent counselor who practices in Manhattan, New York.