Worried About Your Child?

Concerned You're Not Being the Parent You Want to Be?

If you answered yes to one or both of the above, you've come to the right place.
As a parent counselor and coach, I can help.

On your journey as a parent, one thing is for certain: You will always be faced with everyday questions and struggles.

There will be peaks and valleys along the way. Despite your best efforts, you can find yourself getting stuck in patterns of behavior that don't support the way you want your relationship with your child to be–a loving, relationship of mutual respect, cooperation, joy and harmony.

At times you can easily end up feeling overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated. 

Some of the difficulties that might lead you to consider seeing a parent counselor are:
       bullet   Your child is constantly testing the limits and you're unsure of how to handle this.

       bullet   Your child is fearful or anxious.

       bullet   Your child is having difficulty with bedtime and sleeping through the night.

       bullet   Your child is acting aggressively with you or others.

       bullet   Your child is struggling with social relationships.

       bullet   You are not certain how to handle things or are worried about your own behavior and reactions.

When you are having difficulties with your child, it is common to feel unhappy and powerless. Sometimes you are just not sure what approach you should be using. You can end up feeling discouraged and question your confidence as a parent.

Regardless of how small or large the problem you are having with your child is... All Problems with Children Can Definitely Be Solved.

Seeking the Guidance of a Parent Therapist Can Help You Regain Your Sense of Well Being and Feel More in Control.

As a counselor for parents, I can help you solve the problems you are having with your child.

If you're someone who turns to books or seeks child development information online, you know that the volume of material can be overwhelming and is often contradicting.

One advantage of parent counseling is that I can provide you with up to date and research-based proven strategies. I can also help you assess which information you should be paying attention to and tailor it to your child's specific needs and stage of development.

As a therapist who specializes in working with parents, I can offer effective solutions that help you make lasting changes in your child's behavior and help you to raise children that are happy and responsible adults. I know the parenting approaches that work and offer practical guidance to help you raise your children to be self-reliant and resilient people.

Through parent counseling, I can help you:
      bullet   Gain confidence in your parenting skills.

       bullet   Make sense of your own childhood experiences and understand their effect on how you parent your
            own childern. You can then be more empathetic with your children and promote their healthy development.

       bullet   Develop the ability to become more flexible and mindful in your responses to your child.

       bullet   Communicate with your child so that they feel listened to, understood and connected.

       bullet   Develop insight into the uniqueness of your child and find the best ways of responding to their individual

       bullet   Become calmer and more in control.

Parenting provides you with an incredible opportunity to grow as an individual. Therapy can help enhance your growth so that you can understand yourself and your child better. You can then offer a stronger foundation of emotional well-being that enables your child to thrive and be his or her best self.

Contact me if you are ready to book your first counseling appointment or visit my How I work page to find out more about parenting counseling.

Patti Sayre is a therapist for individuals, couples therapist and parent counselor who practices in Manhattan, New York.