My Approach to Therapy
My work with you in psychotherapy is characterized by my active involvement in your journey of change and growth. I am engaged in the work at all times and will share with you what I see, feel and think. I will help you clarify your issues and goals and find the solutions that are right for you. Although, I feel that the past is important and does impact our actions, we are living our lives day to day and my work is a balance between understanding the past and moving forward in the present. At times, I am a cross between therapist and coach.

The relationship that we create is most important to me, I am acutely aware of the vulnerability and commitment that the therapeutic process requires. Because of this, it is you who sets the counseling pace initially and as your level of comfort and trust develop, we work together as a team to overcome obstacles and build the skills needed to turn your life around. Using a wide range of cutting edge counseling knowledge, humor, compassion and optimism, our work will focus on implementing positive, lasting results that can change your life forever.  

As an Individual Psychotherapist
In individual therapy, I will work with you on the issues that may be causing you problems. Psychotherapy can be one of the most meaningful experiences you ever have. It can help you grow and feel better about yourself and your life. Understanding more about yourself in a deeper way can help you become free from patterns of the past that imprison you in the present. 

Whether you are seeking individual counseling, parent counseling / coaching or couples counseling, I offer respect, understanding and humor as I help you grow and find solutions to your problems. As your therapist, I will assist you in connecting to your feelings, understanding your motivations and developing the confidence to make positive changes, as you take greater charge of your life.

Depending on your needs and goals, our work together in individual therapy may focus on:
     bullet  Healing past hurts and developing the skills to solve relationship problems.

     bullet  Managing stress, anxiety or depression.

     bullet  Overcoming losses and challenging life changes.

     bullet  Coping with a traumatic event or crisis

As a Couples Counselor
Every couple's concerns are uniquely personal. If you are seeking couples counseling, you or partner may feel misunderstood, frustrated, angry, deeply disappointed, and disconnected from each other. Your problems have likely been going on for some time and you want to overcome them so that you can have a happier relationship. Couples therapy will help you develop a stronger and deeper relationship that is more fulfilling.

Depending on your concerns and goals, our work together in couples therapy will help you:
     bullet   Learn to communicate with more accuracy and sensitivity.

     bullet   Resolve conflict and problem solve more effectively.

     bullet   Become closer to each other and create an emotionally intelligent marriage; one that is guided by respect,
          understanding and honor.

     bullet   Create a unified vision for the future of your relationship.

I view couples therapy as a collaborative process. As your couples therapist, I will work closely with you to identify the tools that you need to make your relationship mutually satisfying. I will provide support and practical feedback as we identify the negative patterns that interfere with the quality of your relationship.

Together, we will work towards increasing your emotional safety and relationship intimacy. I will guide you in building trust as you strengthen your foundation so that you can reconnect to the love and respect of your earlier relationship.

As a Parenting Counselor and Coach
As a parent, your skills are molded by your own unique personality, history and perspective. As a parenting coach and counselor, I help you to make sense of your own childhood experiences and the way in which they affect how you parent your children. We'll then decide on the best approaches for you to use so that you can be the best parent that you can be.

Counseling or coaching can help you cope with your questions, frustrations and struggles as you strive to raise healthy and happy children. As a parenting counselor, I know that when you feel supported in your parenting you will more easily be able to make lasting changes and become a more effective and mindful parent.

Depending on your needs and goals, our work together in parenting counseling may focus on:
     bullet   Understanding how your emotional "baggage" is interfering with your responses to your children.

     bullet   Learning relevant child development information so that you can understand your children better and help
          facilitate healthy growth.

     bullet   Clarifying your values and defining your own philosophy of parenting.

     bullet   Discovering effective parenting strategies for disciplining and maintaining a strong connection to your child.

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Patti Sayre is a therapist for individuals, couples therapist and parent counselor who practices in Manhattan, New York.