Are You Suffering from Anxiety,
Stress, or Worry?

Therapy can help you feel better about yourself and your life.

If you are struggling right now–feeling low, upset or confused–and want the help of a therapist you've come to the right place. It takes courage to reach out to a therapist for support and a strong desire to make your life better. Congratulations on taking this first step to a more fulfilling future.

Here are some of the issues that you might be struggling with that I provide therapy for:

bullet   Relationship Problems (maintaining a satisfying relationship, self-destructive patterns of behavior,
     separation or divorce) (I also provide couples counseling).

bullet   Major Life Transitions (separation, divorce, loss of a loved one, empty nest, stress due to having a baby).

bullet   Depression (feeling sad, low energy, lacking motivation).

bullet   Stress & Anxiety (excessive worry, fear, feeling overwhelmed, or having panic attacks or obsessions).

bullet   Grief (loss of a relationship, of a loved one or a beloved pet).

bullet   Work-Related Stress (career issues, work related conflict).

bullet   Traumatic events (had an accident or have experienced verbal, physical or sexual abuse, etc.).

bullet   Parenting Concerns (feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence in yourself as a parent, questions about your
     child's development, problems with discipline).

bullet   Low Self Esteem (feelings of worthlessness or of being unlovable).

bullet   Eating Disorders (difficulties with your relationship to food and your body).

Since you have found your way to my website, you're likely ready for change –you are tired of the struggle and want the help of a therapist to help you turn things around. Whether you think your problem is minor or it feels un-surmountable, I work with a variety of people who have experienced all different kinds of struggles.

I've Helped People with Every Problem You Can Imagine in My 30 Years Experience as a Counselor

Therapy can help you solve your immediate problems as well as help you grow and develop as a person. Our life stories are not fixed and sealed in cement. They evolve as we grow and continue the lifelong process of making sense of our lives.

Thinking about yourself in a different way will help you release patterns from the past that have been holding you back and free your energy allowing you to more easily become the author of your own journey! Therapy can be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself, bringing you greater peace, happiness and satisfaction with your entire life.

The support and guidance of a therapist can help you make progress more easily and often faster than you would on your own. There is tremendous value in talking through your thoughts and feelings in order to resolve your problems. Taking time to reflect on your internal and interpersonal experiences enables you to develop a deeper self-knowledge and awareness.

I'll support you and guide you towards developing the skills necessary to make confident decisions and find lasting solutions. You'll feel better about yourself, your relationships and your future.

Are you ready to get started?

Call me today. We'll discuss your situation and talk about how counseling might help.

You can also check out my couples counseling services or my parent counseling services if you are looking for help in either of those areas.

Patti Sayre is a therapist for individuals, couples therapist and parent counselor who practices in Manhattan, New York.